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For bots sake! Instagram update

It’s tempting to use 3rd party apps to hack your Instagram strategy, but it’s not going to do you any good. 🛑 Especially now!

🚨 Instagram just announced that they are going to crack down on accounts using ANY third-party app to like, comment, follow and unfollow accounts in order to gain followers or automate their Instagram activity.

This move is in response to many accounts showing inflated popularity numbers on their IG profile and fake comments and likes on their posts. In short, those aren’t typically real numbers, unless someone has a certain celebrity status. Your average account that follows a few hundred people and has tens of thousand followers… not real. Those awkward comments that often have nothing to do with the post, fake.

So why does Instagram care if you’re automating your activity?

It’s something I’ve uttered a thousand times....

📣 Social media is for being social 📣 It’s not for bots (although it’s kind of funny because they’re using a bot to spot other bots, so there’s that) it’s for humans!

I like this move towards forcing individuals to actually *BE on social media… Otherwise what’s the point if we’re all automating everything?

* I also strongly advocate for healthy boundaries when it comes to using social media. Which is why you get a strategy in place and/or hire someone to help you formulate one… Or even more so .... hire a human to take it off your plate.

CONCLUSION: Do not use 3rd party apps to do what real people should be doing on Instagram. Grow an authentic + engaged audience mindfully, with intention and a plan, as niche as it may be.

~ Holly JustHolly




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