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Autumn Equinox: Loloma Love

The journey of summer will find its end today on the Autumn Equinox, especially here in the PNW. It's kind of a relief, like taking a big sigh and letting it go. For me as a business owner, it means that most of my clients are kicking into a higher gear. Together we are looking at fall to winter strategies to engage their audience. For me as a mom, it means routine and steadiness. For me as a wanderlust it means planning getaways through the season. This fall transition is a mixed bag of letting go and moving forward.

As for adventures, one of my favorite getaways is a retreat in the woods, a brief drive just 45 minutes east of Eugene - into the Cascades, amongst the trees, along the river.

Loloma Lodge


At Loloma mornings are for slow integration and views of an ever flowing river. Being in the trees makes for a restful and super quaint time; exploring the grounds is a lazy stroll at Loloma, nestled along the eastern edge of the unincorporated town of McKenzie Bridge. From this cozy base camp you can take a hike along the river or trek to the local McKenzie Stage Stop Restaurant for a shrimp basket (it's incredibly tasty!) and a pint. If you are up for a very short drive you're just down river from heavenly Belknap Hot Springs. My advice is to get there 30 minutes before dusk for a walk in their epic garden, followed by a night soak, the perfect recipe for a very sound slumber.

A stay at this wooded retreat seriously leaves me overflowing with a sense of rejuvenation. When I was there last it was pretty quiet so I took time to walk around the historic site and snap a few pics of the quintessential features, including some from our stay in Cabin 4. Take a look....

Loloma is one of those places you can hear yourself think,

re-connect with nature, sip endless cups of coffee and play games by the fireside.


So let's see, the fall schedule ahead of me will be a busy one, to be sure - but, like the #bossbabe that I am, I have just the right amount of adventure in the works. Stay tuned if you want an inside look at more Oregon spots to escape to, practice self-care and cozy up for the season ahead.

XO ~ Holly JustHolly

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