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Engage with the Page!

I'd have to say the number one challenge that I see with most of my social media coaching clients is this: Engaging on social. Most businesses are focused on getting their own message out, sharing their story and promoting their business. That's fair, I support that completely. But, the other part of social media marketing MUST include #reciprocity.

You gotta give a little to get a little.

It's quite simple! 

Here's a social media marketing tip er' two on what it takes to engage:

Put two 15 minute time slots on your social media marketing calendar during the week that say ENGAGE

Focus on following pages + profiles of businesses you love

Comment and like posts from businesses that you admire + adore

Share content from other valuable sources

Wallah! That's how you engage. Scheduling it weekly assures that it will happen. Plus, your network will appreciate that you're paying attention to the content they take time to create and share. They may return the favor in kind and over time become a fan of yours that will refer your services. It's a win-win!

There are a few businesses I know that do this very well, Amanda Photographic is one and Peanut's Gallery Bend is another. Both are very active in promoting their own businesses, yes… But are also very giving in following, commenting and engaging with other profiles and pages. Follow them both and see for yourself!

That'll wrap up my tip for the day! I'm happy to share in reciprocal social love with you, just drop me a line, follow or comment and we'll connect! 😘 ~HJH 

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