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Super Self-Care Sunday

I, like many people in the New Year, began 2017 with the notion of a fresh start.

For me, that meant doing a 30 day cleanse. All the imbibing and freedom to eat whatever since, well...Halloween was really starting to catch up with me. All the things that are usually a cause for celebration, mainly cocktails and good food, became too often and really uneventful; as in; not even that enjoyable, just more of a habit that had formed. So enough was enough.

If you know much about me, then you know I am a devout advocate of self-care. I spent the better part of 18 months in 2014 and 2015 with the illustrious Lara Vesta in Magnetize Studio workshops to learn this practice and learn it well, in a deeply nourishing way. Who knew it would take such time to access a self-care practice as a non-negotiable way of life? I didn't until I went through her courses, finished my Moon Divas Certification and applied all that I learned to my regular life. I've haven't turned away since.

Self-Care it is.

When in doubt: Self-Care.

Want to push through some shit? Self-Care.

Lost for answers? Self Care.

You get the point.

So, as I mentioned, on January 2nd I decided to embark on a 30 day cleanse. I knew the first 4-5 days would be rough, mostly from sugar cravings and fatigue as my body weaned off the gluttony. I had accelerated this process with Apple-Cider vinegar, ghee in my tea and coconut water. These were the only measures I took at first to start the cleansing process. Without telling you all the gory details I can say this....It was DEFINITELY working.

During the first few days, I was taking it easy on myself, too. More water, more relaxing - but inevitably as a solopreneur, still working. Friday I went for a soak in the hot springs and by Friday night I was done for. Totally ILL. I got super sick. It was a, get these toxins out of my body kinda sick. On Friday night and most of Saturday I slept. I don't take over-the-counter drugs so I mildly self-cared with tea, EmergenC and rest.

By the 3rd day I called in the major reinforcements.

These items included:

- Lemon Water

- My Young Living essential oil favorites:

(Thieves, Immupower, Frankincense, Joy, Lemon, Cobaiba and Purification)

- SinutolEm that I got from Discover Health

- My tongue scraper

(lovingly prescribed by my friend, nutritionist and client Lila at LO Solutions)

- Mint Hibiscus CBD edible from Leif Medicinals, picked up at Bloom Well

- A candle-lit hot bath with 3-4 drops of all aforementioned oils

- Twisting Yoga poses to expel toxins

- Breath work and calming music

- Positive affirmations

- Healthy Food

- Tea w/ ghee + more tea

- Nourishing food

Oh, did you follow my timeline? That was all this morning, on Sunday, the 6th day of my cleanse. After all of this, I promptly blow-dried my hair, put on my mala beads and comfy clothes. As I type now, I feel SIGNIFICANTLY better. I'm sort of in a "fake it til you make it" mode, but I needed to be productive and I wanted to share with you just what it takes for me to pull it together and start to come out on the other side.

In a nutshell: It's a lot of home remedies, personal intention, calm abiding way and Self-Care!

This IS what it can look like to get well on one's own. To trust our body's immune system and to call in our personal reinforcements.

My main motivation came from within, I heard my own voice tell me to "step into your healing power". So I did. Partly because sitting around binge watching "Shameless" was getting a little old for me and partly because I have a really big week ahead. I have clients counting on me to pull through and be available. That means a TON to me in my overall life goals and in my #bossbabe world. AND, and.....I do feel a sense of balance. It feels like I took the time to recognize that my body needed a break, so I took it, then I recognized the time to pull out and move on, so I did.

In my personal life and in my career life I encourage women to be badass protectors of their own self-care. I share because I care that we create meaningful and sustainable lives as boss babes, mamas, artists, creators, manifestors and more. If you ever want to talk about self-care at length or know the what's and why's of methods that work for me - I am here for you!

Looking Forward !


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