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Pilot Program complete!

An important realization has occurred to me in the last 6 months, it’s this; it’s mandatory that I remain in a community with women. More specifically a learning, supportive and creative community of women where sh*t actually gets done.

Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of said community for the past 3 years in some way, shape or form. The most recent community that I have engaged in is with the ever lovely and clever Lara Vesta ( and the Magnetize Studio, based in Portland. It is here that I have made profound commitments to self-care through ritual, daily practice, journaling, visioning and most of all, a group of supportive women. It is here that I have blossomed into the leadership of my own business, with my clients and with women that are in my local sphere of influence.

What I gleaned from this experience over the past 9 months, within Magnetize Studio and the summer program, Chrysalis Class, is something that Lara advocates for very much – that I take the work of Magnetize Studio out in the world and make it my own.

So I did.

From this was birthed:

Radical Sista Circle

6 weeks to Project Manifestation

A highly activated group of women supporting, collaborating and activating each other!

Here’s how that went –

I gathered a small group of friends and shared my vision; that I would like to facilitate a group myself, in which I would be creating and developing the syllabus and “curriculum” as we go. I relied on my intuition to guide me through the process. I also practiced listening deeply to what each woman wanted to get out of our 6 week time together and aimed to reflect, mirror and guide us toward the goal that we each came with. From this, I crafted a plan.

Then, individually we set our intentions and our goal(s) for what we would like to accomplish within 6 weeks. We met by phone, I provided homework, a GroupMe thread to communicate bi-weekly, both in-person and remote meetings. We did the work, together. Each woman had a uniquely different aspect of their project:

I’d like to share a little bit about each woman’s goal + their outcome!


This wife and mother of one teenage son is also an IT Administrator who had newly moved from Colorado to Florida. Having moved far away from any support system, she wanted to create a community that she could belong to in her new hometown. Stacy wanted to put into place things that would motivate her, as a remote-work-from-home employee, to get out and interface with the world. She had a specific number of 5-6 people that she wanted to form connections with. Sounds pretty reasonable!

Guess what? At the end of the 6 weeks, she got back A WHOLE LOT MORE than that. Stacy joined a study group with other women, she volunteered to hang with the Sunday school kids on Sunday a.m., and she took on a role as the Director of the 2016 Project Christmas Child in her area. WOW, Stacy! She gained confidence, insight and a foundation for the community she envisioned.

Her feedback about what the 6 week Radical Sista Circle meant for her was this: “It greatly impacted my life and challenged me to really focus on what was important”. For her, the resounding feedback was to be of service and to Giving BACK in order to draw the type of community closer to her she really wanted.

Here’s a glance at what the other women involved were setting intentions & goals for.....


A wife and mother of one 7-year-old child, Rosie is very busy as the sole administrator and fundraiser for Aprovecho Research Center in rural Oregon. She’s been doing this job for the past 7 years and feels called to move on, to do something that feeds her soul in a different way. Looking to her future, Rosie wishes to shift careers. She also has a strong desire to further explore her creative passions to see where the two may meet.


This badass single mama of two boys, age 12 and 14 is a Landscape Designer, a farmer and a dynamo business woman crafting a uber-sustainable livelihood for her family’s future. Her main goal is to strengthen her client intake process, create a functioning working space to be productive in and organize the structure of her business to be profitable for her long-term financial stability. She has many irons in the fire and, no doubt, a lot on her plate!


THIS lovely lady also happens to be Andhi’s twin sister. She is a certified clinical herbalist, certified nutrition consultant and registered nurse with a passion for downhill mountain biking. Along with her partner and twin flame, she is aiming to blend all of her holistic expertise and various endeavors for a long-term comprehensive approach to living and working in full abundance.


As a social media marketer, project manager and former energy healing practitioner, I am aiming to bring a soulful approach to helping others highlight their small business in a meaningful way. My main purpose and goal for this 6 weeks are to complete and print a Project Manifestation zine. This small workbook will be a tool for me, in small groups with others and for women to utilize in order to activate their own intentions!

That might be enough to read about for now, don’t ya think!?!

So, in the weeks ahead I will be highlighting HOW these other wonderful women charged through the 6-week project with total willingness and powerful insight. TOGETHER we explored, we shared, we supported and we organically played our way through the process. The fun part…..We are going to DO IT AGAIN! Plus, we have another woman joining us that wants the support, the creative energy and the process of visioning and working towards her goals!

Interested? Join us in the New Year to totally activate your goals!

Until then – stay tuned to see how these women totally CHARGED this process and came out SHINING!! I’m thrilled to share their stories.

Radical Sista Circle

6 week Project Manifestation

A highly activated group of women supporting, collaborating and activating each other!

Holly JustHolly

Social Media Strategist + Creative Biz Consultant

with Soul™, A Social Media + Project Mngmt. Co.

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