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with Soul  is a social media agency with a mission to help businesses develop a social media presence that stands out from the crowd. With over 20+ years combined experience, we have fresh ideas and a passion for creative projects that produce visually appealing content that delivers results.


Holly JustHolly

Social Media Strategist. Project Manager. Instigator.

A love of sociology + technology is what drives Holly to be passionate about social media; the way it connects us and the way it helps us tell our story. Her mind is forever producing new ideas that she fancies sharing in collaboration with others. As the owner of with Soul , Holly has helped clients nationwide and internationally gain a social media presence that stands out + connects people to businesses.

She is a connector. An intuitive leader + an eternal seeker of knowledge.

When Holly is not creating strategies to help businesses grow their presence online she travels far and wide with her favorite people in tow. She's known to constantly be planning the next big adventure, gathering with her fellow #BossBabes or immersed in her latest client study.

Most thankful for: Escaping L.A. in 2005 


Copywriter. Mama in Design. Community Manager. 

Rachael and I had been mutual Instagram fans of one another for several months or longer (and still are) when I was looking for an awesome human to join the crew. I put the call out to hire someone, she replied!


Rachael is a well-versed social media maven in her own right, complete with talents in design, marketing strategy, copywriting and a general awareness of the good things in life.


She manages three keys accounts for With Soul with a keen eye, total #socialmedia savvy, a mindful marketing approach, #socialjustice awareness, easy communication, and wonderful spirit. 



Copywriter. Social Media Community Manager. San Franciscan.

Gaby Stern is a native Angeleno who left sunny LA for the fog of SF and hasn’t regretted it one bit. She is a social media maven and writer with a west coast sensibility and healthy obsession with the 80s. She creates content for clients in the culinary, fashion, and arts industries and specializes in telling meaningful stories about culture and lifestyle.

Gaby began her career in advertising at Publicis where she worked with many notable clients and photographers. It is here where she first learned the value of content and authentic storytelling.

When she’s not busy working on her craft, Gaby enjoys photography, anything David Lynch, and cranking the music up loud. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their two children who keep life interesting!

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