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Content photography is the secret sauce that sets you apart from

every other business out there.

This is where the story of your business comes to life and, together, we are able to help you create social content that gives your target market an inside view of what you do, and maybe a little about you, too!

Beautiful images humanize your brand, they captivate your audience and tell more about your "why"; they give a behind-the-scenes perspective while showcasing your product or service, in an authentic way.

Abode-9955 copy.jpg
Abode-9874 copy.jpg
Abode-9970 copy.jpg
Abode-9780 copy.jpg
Abode-9750 copy.jpg

Photography: Tambi Lane for Abode

Content Photography Sessions

When you are just getting started with your business it can be tempting to lean on stock photography or images you take with your cell phone. That can work for certain purposes but not for that extra pro touch.


To truly establish the credibility of your business you want high quality images that are uniquely yours. Our content photography sessions are a good place to start at a price your business can afford. Each session will provide you with a set of images that help tell your story, promote a brand refresh, highlight your product or better explain your services. Here are a few options to choose from:

Mini Content Photography Session

- One (1) hr session with our photographer

- One (1) look 

- 5 web images of your choice

Regular Content Photography Session

- Two (2) hr session with our photographer

- Three (3) looks 

- 10 web images of your choice 

Full Content Photography Session

- 1/2 day (6 hr) session with our photographer

- Four (4)  to Six (6) looks 

- Up to 50 web images of your choice 


Photography: Tambi Lane for MLEJay, Caldera and 123 Ramen

Headshots, we do that, too.

Headshots are a primary business necessity that often get over looked. A professional shot of your beautiful face - because in today's savvy world, selfie's just won't do. We'll help you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you come away with photos that embody your personality + style.

Headshot Session

- Fifteen (15) minute session with our photographer

- One (1) look 

- Two (2) web images or one (1) 8 x 10 digital image

Mix + Match services available upon request.

We can easily customize just the right session for your needs. On-location + travel options available to suit. Plus, not all sessions need to happen in one location or on one particular day. Let's craft a plan that will maximize your photography brand session experience.

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