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We have tailored packages to fit your project + budget size. Our goal is to give you a robust social media presence that you can be proud of, one that your audience will be excited to re-visit and rely on for value driven content. Our services are backed by many years of experience + knowledge and include, but are not limited to, the following:

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Community Management




Graphic Design


Business Meeting


Just getting started in your new endeavor? Following your passion? Fantastic!

We want to be your support as you follow the exciting road to entrepreneurship.


The great thing about this package is it helps present your new business in a professional + high quality style. You'll have all of the creative pieces you need on your social profiles to LAUNCH your next big thing!


If you have an established brand, one that is quickly gaining traction while you steadily devote more time to it, this is the package for you. 

We know it's not possible to hire out all the people you need right away, you need to do that here and there as time + resources allow. This package offers social media marketing and content creations pieces for multiple aspects of your business; from behind the scenes to new product launches, we've got you covered.


A full-fledged business or company requires a consistent social media presence. Period. Often this task is delegated to

in-house staff that already wear many hats.... but, that's not pro, now is it?

This package offers your business/company the ability to craft a meaningful social media presence with our dedicated team that is focused on doing one task very well, specific to your company, your messaging + your voice. 


L2 or L3 Social Media Management

1 - 1 minute video

1 hr photoshoot + 20 digital images

1 logo or branded graphic template

1 copy edit /content creation / bios


L2 or L3 Social Media Management

1 - 3 minute video

2 hr photoshoot + 50 digital images

2-3 branded graphic templates

2-3 copy edit /content creation / bios


L3 or L4 Social Media Management

2 videos of your choice

3 hour photoshoot/multiple locations + 100 digital images 

1 re-brand + branded graphic templates

5+ copy edit/content creation / bios

À la carte services are available upon request.

Just need a video? No problem. A logo redesign? We can do that. As you might guess, we are up for whatevs! Reach out. Let's meet, collaborate + create together.


We are With Soul Social Media. 

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